Papa Pear Saga Level 498, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 20 Papas to Remove 70 Blackberries; 20,000 points.

Once you get into the relaxing non-Papa music you need to pop the vacuum plants. You want to bounce your papas off the walls first so pick a wall and when the vacuum plant is on the other side bounce off the end red pepper to hit the wall. Let the papa bounce and be affected and finally sucked in by the top plant. If one end red pepper is removed use the other one, then shoot at a wall when the plant is on the opposite side until it pops.
Hopefully the bottom plant will suck in most of the papas after they remove a lot of acorns and blackberries. If there is any red pepper left remove it and try to get the papa to sucked into the plant.
If the plant hasn’t popped aim at either blackberries, a possible grande, a wall, or just at eye level of the bamboo curve to start your papa down until the plant possibly sucks your papa in by having the carrots removed. You need to aim at the eyes for a smooth roll into the warp.
Once the bottom plant pops wait to see what happens. If any of the papas go into the warp spinner they will emerge somewhere between the columns of blackberries in a random spot. Hopefully it’s high up to start weakening or removing the blackberries and hit the wall for a possible fireball or grande. the bottom tree rotates a bit so hope it shoots your papa up again.
Now see what blackberries and any fireballs or grandes you have. gently aim at the bamboo eyes to remove and blackberries in the bamboo curve and enter the warp. You can’t really aim a Papa Grande but it will remove the sleeping cactus and can enter the warp by the curve where the carrots have been removed. It will get stuck at the top of the bamboo. Getting a Fire or Papa Grande into the warp will remove a lot of blackberries if the emerge point and tree helps.
When down to the last few needed look for the blackberries hit once unless you have an easy direct shot. If you need to enter the warp aim near the background tree line to get sucked in, hopefully by the needed blackberries.
A very tough shot I found is off the orange or red bucket edge by the pink bucket. It will, if hit correctly, bounce your papa at the blackberries near the warps. But you have to watch out for the blueberries and any cactus.



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  1. Hans Wurst

    Easy: 755k in the first game πŸ™‚

    Key is to get into the vortex quickly to be able to remove the blackberries under the woods.


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