Papa Pear Saga Level 499, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 1,200,000 points.


Start by bouncing a papa on the left bit of bamboo to hit a multiplier then bounce out most likely getting killed by a cactus. Shoot another papa on the same bamboo to hit the other multipliers, bounce on the top wall a lot before hitting the fireball and removing the cauliflower for a multiplier.
Now here is where you’ll either win or lose most likely. You need your Fire Papa to burn the cactus, remove blackberries, and make a grande bonus. Having success doing that shoot a papa into the warp spinner, trying to bounce off a blueberry for some points. The papa will emerge in one of the two bamboo areas on the right, hitting multipliers and removing the items before rolling down the bamboo to bounce on a blueberry and blackberries. The top bamboo area has room for a Papa Grande to make points while the bottom area will have the Papa Grande get stuck, shrink, and drop into the bucket.
Having the lowest cactus burned/removed is helpful since your papa will gently roll and bounce off the blueberry for lots of points. If the top few cactus are burned you can curve your aiming line to bounce your papa off any items, jars, and blueberries for points.
You can try to make a fireball by aiming at the top right bamboo’s eyes bouncing your papa off the wall toward the middle cactus. If the cactus is removed hopefully there is something to bounce your papa to the left wall. Getting past a burned cactus is difficult since it’s hard to time the shot for an opening.
Use any removed cactus to shoot papas at any lower items or jars. With a lot of multipliers do your best to bounce off blueberries for points when down to your last few papas.
This is a hard level to describe so burn/remove the cactus, get your multipliers fast, use Papa Grandes to bounce on blueberries for points.


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