Papa Pear Saga Level 500, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Use 12 Fireballs; 30,000 points.


First aim at the left wall as high as you can. When the moving bamboo is moving to the left shoot your papa just as the left slanted edge “touches” the right side line of Big Ben. This will remove the carrots on the right wall bamboo. Wait to shoot until the papa is in a bucket because you may remove lower items and even hit the fireballs inside the acorn/onion zeros.
Keep your aim high and try just watching the Big Ben line and as the bamboo “touches” it shoot a papa. If you’re not making fireballs move your aiming line down a bit but not below the star on the left. Keep making fireballs and hopefully you’ll get a lucky bounce and remove some for your power-up count.
When you have 5 or 6 papas left and hopefully some fireballs already removed do your best to have your papa bounce off a fireball into the other ones. Unfortunately they may be scattered all over so aim for their edges. Any multipliers you make are your choice to hit if you want more points too.
This is an easy level to make fireballs once you get the timing. Removing the 12 needed is the hard part but it’s worth it! *Opens green chest on map*



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14 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 500”

  1. lyn

    I have passed level 500 but green trunk did not open. I did not get my free 50 coins or bars, whatever. I even went back and completed the level a second time. It’s a ____ shame considering the amount of money I’ve spent on this game.

    • Debbie

      I have passed level 500 as well numerous times with a two star win but no treasure either, I’m assuming I need a three star win, does anyone no for sure?

      • Admin

        You should be able to pass w/o more than 1 star, but the bonus I am not so sure about any more…

      • Shay

        I have passed level 500 with 3 stars and the chest still hasn’t opened. And I was way beyond 30,000… AAAND I have passed level 570 and still waitind on the next levels, it still says coming soon, been that way for some months now…DISAPPOINTED

    • Austyn

      I just surpassed level 500 and got my 50 bars. That isn’t much considering but still better than nothing. I have invested 0 bucks into this game so I don’t understand you pain mate.

  2. Ine

    hoeveel keer moet ik level 500 spelen om 12 vuurballen te krijgen.? Ik denk dat je dit alleen met geld kunt krijgen. Balen !!

  3. Susan

    I play on an ipad. If I have a flaming papa pear from hitting a fireball that happens to hit another fireball, it just bounces off and will not remove the fireball that was hit. In this case, the level is impossible to finish.

    • Admin

      I hope you managed to finish level 500, there is a nice reward waiting for you! Maybe you could logon to a compuiter and play at Facebook or

  4. Brittany

    You use 8 fireballs on level 500 instead of using 12 fireballs. There needs to be a new video that shows how to use 8 fireballs instead of showing how to use 8 fireballs as there are no videos out there.

    • Brittany

      I meant to say there needs to be a new video that shows how to use 8 fireballs instead of showing how to use 12 fireballs as there are no videos out there that reflect this new change.

  5. Joann

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