Papa Pear Saga Level 501, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Shoot a papa at the upper part of the 1 so your papa removes acorns and other items from the 1 and 0 making a grande. Removing the other items is just as important as acorns because they will be in the way of acorns near the end. If the papa bounces over onto the 5 let it remove acorns and carrots. If you made a grande use it if hittable, especially if it’s near lots of acorns.
Keep shooting toward the 1, trying for a left/right bounce working its way down removing the items, hitting the orchid, then hopefully removing the lower carrots and blackberries. Shooting over the 1 may take a few shots to remove the acorns depending how the papa bounces. The first shot will probably just remove a top few acorns before the yellow chili “slows” the bounce dropping the papa straight down.
Bouncing off the walls by the 5 doesn’t give a nice left/right bounce to remove acorns. It’s easier to try to remove some acorns on top so you can gently bounce your papa down the upright carrot area removing carrots and acorns. If there are a lot of acorns between the 5 and 0 shoot a papa in there.
Now, if you don’t have a grande in a good spot, look for bunches of acorns. Bouncing off a acorn will send your papa in crazy directions, nothing you can direct. Try bouncing off one hopefully into another bunch of acorns. Look for acorns without other items around so you can have a better bounce.
Good luck!



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