Papa Pear Saga Level 502, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 1,900,000 points.


Get multipliers fast and hope the jars have a grande or multiplier in them.
Curve your aiming line to the right, over the acorn/onion, into the gap in the moving bamboo. When the gap is closed shoot a papa and it should enter the gap, hit the multipliers, and hopefully remove the cauliflower. Your papa will remove the peas and probably be killed by the cactus. If so, shoot a papa over the bamboo if the cauliflower is removed to get to get past the sleeping cactus for the multipliers.
The left side needs the acorn/onion and blackberry removed first. You can shoot straight into the left bamboo gap hitting the multipliers and should remove the cauliflower easier. Again, see what happens with your papa and the cactus for the lower multipliers. Keep an eye on the first papa to remove the acorn/onion/blackberry to see if you make a grande bonus.
If you hit the top 6 multipliers but the cauliflower still remains look for the grande if you made and try to hit it. A Papa Grande will start removing items for another grande or the red peppers for their multiplier or a sleeping cactus if in the correct area. You need to make lots of grandes to help you win, even if have the top six multipliers and the red pepper’s multiplier hit. Keeping the watermelons spitting seeds with Papa Grandes bouncing off of seeds, items, and blueberries will also make you a lot of points. Just don’t have a normal or Papa Grande get killed by the spikey cactus or you lose the “bonus” points when they go into the bucket.
Once you get a lot of multipliers look for groups of items or blackberries for points. If you have the left edge watermelon still spitting seeds curving your aiming line between the blueberry and pea pod will make peas for points. Make sure the left cactus doesn’t kill your papa though. If you have made the potato sticks into dice wait for the dice to fall into the buckets for the multiplier before you shoot a papa.



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