Papa Pear Saga Level 503, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 22 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 20,000 points.

Making fireballs and grandes is important, and removing the watermelons from right to left will help too.
Aim just above the carrot head, not to remove it, but to bounce off the wall, hit the next carrot, bounce up and get pushed by the bamboo to the other wall for a fireball. Unfortunately you may get killed by the cactus too. Keep trying both sides, aiming higher off the wall, as you start removing acorns/onions and you papa may bounce off seeds making a grande or fireball if started from the right side wall.
Once you get the fireball or grande, hopefully in a good spot, use them. As the acorns/onions are removed the seeds will make a nasty wall if you try shooting to the left. Having a Fire Papa early will remove the carrots between the watermelons and weaken or remove them. Hopefully you burn up the cactus too. A normal papa will too of it works its way down.
Removing the cauliflowers is done by having any type of papa bounce around and hit them. You can also easily direct shoot at the right side one. They will blow your papa round when aiming for the buckets.
Removing the blackberries will give you points plus access to the end, red, and wooden bucket lids as long as the carrots are removed. The right side will need a curved aiming line if the blackberry/carrot removal didn’t open one of the two, along with weakening/removing the watermelon.
If you need to remove watermelon start with the rightmost one and work your way to the left one.Your papa will bounce up and to the right so be sure you haven’t opened those lids.
The hardest part of this level is bouncing off a wall and not hitting the cactus. Try to burn them up as quickly as you can. You’ll probably pass it quicker than it took to read these tips.


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