Papa Pear Saga Level 504, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 18 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 25,000 points.

Removing the watermelons is the important thing with this level. Fire and Papa Grandes will help with removing the carrots, onions, opening lids, and possibly weakening/removing the items holding up the fruit too but let those bonuses happen as you work on removing the watermelons.
Pick a watermelon and watch the seed spitting pattern.You want to shoot your papa at the bamboo so it bounces low enough to hit the watermelon. If it’s not removed in one shot let your papa bounce around and possibly make a grande or fireball bonus and remove items. Keep shooting papas to remove watermelons unless you have easy to hit bonuses (fire especially).
Now to get into the fruit. The end fruits. Aim at the flat part of the bamboo and just as the blueberry-bamboo curve is going to be at its highest shoot a papa. Your papa may bounce off the onion and out removing items. Eventually your papa will stay removing yellow chilies and blackberries. If you had luck an earlier papa weakened/removed the yellow chilies. Depending on the fruit and how your papa bounces the fruit may fall or need more blackberry and chili removal.
The center fruit. Aim at the right side blueberry-bamboo curve with your aiming line on the star, similar to the shot to get in the fruit area. When the blueberry is at the lowest bounce your papa off the blueberry so it bounces into the center fruit area. It’s not an easy shot so save the center for last. you may have to adjust the line or shoot a bit earlier or later. And, without help from papas bouncing from below, you may have to shoot another to remove the yellow chilies to free the fruit. The blackberries are easy.
Hopefully any fireball or grandes you made or the doublers hit will remove the carrots, onions, and open lids for the fruit to drop in. Removing onions holding fruit or fruit stuck in the corner are hard to drop.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    You cannot remove the center fruit as described. I had the aiming line over the stars, and always shot when the blueberry was lowest. But the papas will bounce in a high curve over the center fruit into “somewhere”, never where you say they would go to…


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