Papa Pear Saga Level 505, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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Task: 17 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 15,000 points.

You need lucky bounces to win this level.
A Help group member suggested straight aiming at the top right bubble plant then raising your pointer so the line curves to just the front of the plant and shoot a papa as the mushrooms are about to appear. If timed and curved correctly your papa should get in the bucket. Doing the same thing on the left side is harder because you need a tighter curve. Not easy and you could make bubbles if you miss so practice just these shots before trying to win.
For the center three buckets, and possible end ones, gently shoot a papa at the small gap between the acorn/onion on the center side by the top bubble plants (see video if confused) to remove as many acorns, onions, and blackberries as you can. Shoot your next papa at the other sides acorn/onion gap to remove more items and hit lids.
Keep removing acorns/onions especially by the areas between the bubble plants. The open area will give you possible shot between the bubble plants to light the end buckets.
If you have a lid removed but gray bucket DON’T shoot directly into it until all lids are removed. Keep removing acorns/onions and your papa may light the gray bucket lighting it if it missed the unbroken lids.
If you’ve removed acorns/onions by the bottom bubble plant try bouncing a papa off the edge of an onion below the plant to light the end buckets. Wait for the mushrooms to have disappeared as your papa bounces off the onion so when they reappear your papa is on the wall side of mushrooms for a better chance at lighting the bucket.
Unfortunately there is no direct shot for the end buckets. If you make a hittable grande bonus during your first shot or two use it to remove the bubble plants for a better chance for a shot depending on mushroom timing.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    Passed on the first try with almost 100,000 points πŸ™‚
    Lucky bouncing between the flowers will eventually light the outer buckets.


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