Papa Pear Saga Level 506, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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Task: 16 Papas to Use 23 Power-Ups; 20,000 points.

This is a tough one for tips since it starts with 18 power-ups and carrots and a cauliflower to remove for 2 multiplier power-ups for 21 already given to you. The obvious one is to burn and remove the cactus.
Start by shooting a papa to the left top multiplier power-up and bounce on the blueberries possibly dropping down hitting other multipliers, removing carrots, or luckily into the lower pea pod area hitting those power-ups.
If you try removing the center side top carrots to get access to pop the bubbles start on the cactus side otherwise the blueberry side could bounce your papa into the cactus.
Remove the cactus anyway you can. A correct bounce off the fireball will have your Fire Papa hit the grande and douber and should remove the top left 3 cactus, hit some multiplier power-ups, and get blown around by the cauliflower to make more grande power-ups. A correct bounce from a Fire Papa Grande should remove the left side carrots for the multiplier power-up. Shoot at any easily hittable grande power-ups so that Papa Grande can make another grande power-up with enough bounces.
If the cauliflower is still blowing try aiming above the top left blueberry to bounce your papa to the right wall. There’s no real shot spot so hope it blows the papa across.
Hitting the 2nd multiplier on the left needs a curved aiming line. Shoot your papa when the blueberries are close so you won’t bounce off them.
Good luck and good bouncing.


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