Papa Pear Saga Level 507, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 50,000 points.

The fruit can be in different areas but there are things you have to do wherever the fruit are. The lids move too.
Shoot the head end off the carrot under the papa shooter so you can get at the center fruit. Shoot to remove the carrots under the fruit and, most importantly, the 3 onions under it. The grande will help remove the column of acorns/onions and open the lid if there is one. You don’t want fruit hung up on those top 3 onions.
Getting the fruit down the areas with the brown mushrooms is difficult because of the slanted carrots and onions. Remove as much of the carrot and onions before the fruit falls down off the curved carrot onto what your papa was removing. If you gently curve your aiming line you can push the fruit away on the left side. The right side needs a bounce off the wall to start that carrot and onion removal. These are the hard fruit to drop because the onions bounce your papa away so try to remove one onion so the papa can get stuck, removing others around it. You can also try bouncing a papa off a onion if you’ve removed items and the fruit is caught lower down.
If you have fruit where the lemon and red tomato are carefully remove the inner carrot bits so they can drop down the center.
Any fruit on the end carrots might get bounced to the center area when you shoot a papa at the wall first. If not be sure you have the slanted carrot/onion area free because two fruits will block a lot of shot areas.


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