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Level: 508 20 Use 20 Power-Ups 30,000 points.

Remove the top left cauliflower first. You have two options. First have your aiming line dot on the cloud’s mouth so it’s 6 full and 1 partial dot from the shooter. The first shot will hit the right carrot bit so if you want to try to remove both top carrots do it. Re-aim and your papa should bounce across hitting the cauliflower and other items. Shoot again to remove the cauliflower.
From Dot Fearnley, Help group member, if you shoot high on the left wall and shoot just as the cauliflower blows to the top, you will hit it. Just a matter of timing.
With the cauliflower removed aim as high as you can at the wall and shoot a papa as the moving bamboo starts moving left. That will, if no seeds are in the way, bounce your papa to the 3rd from the top bamboo end and up into the acorn/onion round the middle glass jar. If the cauliflower on the 3rd bamboo line is blowing full strength your papa won’t bounce up but into items around the jars possibly removing them for a fireball power-up and maybe a grande too.
If none are blowing your papa will eventually hit the jar and bounce to the 2nd bamboo either staying there to be recalled or roll off removing the 3rd bamboo’s carrots onto the 4th bamboo to stay or remove that cauliflower. You want the 5th bamboo’s carrots removed because a papa can bounce on the orange and blue bucket rim 5 times for a doubler power-up.
Keep shooting until the jar breaks and you remove the acorn/onion blocking wall for fireball power-ups. Hopefully your previous papas were recalled or made the doublers.
If the watermelon seeds are altering your shots curve your aiming line to remove it but it will take a few shots. Hopefully the removal shot will bounce up and remove the acorns/onions, jars for power-up usage, and the other watermelon for a multiplier power-up.
Once you have enough power-ups aim at the edges to send the papa toward other power-ups. Having a Fire Papa hit a doubler can earn you more points and better chances at hitting other power-ups.
If you make any grande power-ups and it gets stuck in the on the orange and blue bucket edges let it bounce for points, doubler, and grande power-up before shrinking. Don’t shoot a papa until that one falls in the bucket.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    I used a completely different strategy: First get the fire bonus in the can on the top right. While this needs a lot of papas, they will bounce around, remove other items, and maybe produce another bonus (doubler, grande, or multiplier). This fire papa will then burn a cactus when shot right, and next remove the cauliflower, which will open the path for success: Finished with 6 papas left, and still four power-ups laying blank on the field, close to 500,000 points scored!


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