Papa Pear Saga Level 509, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Level: 509
Task: Use All Papas; 900,000 points.


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Task: Use All Papas; 900,000 points.

The cauliflowers will blow your papa into the bamboo areas with items or to the blackberries so start by removing them first.
Aim at one of the red pepper halves to remove it and start removing the yellow chilies. As the chilies get removed watch how the cauliflower are blowing and shoot when they won’t affect your papa so you can continue removing chilies until you’ve removed enough of one, preferably the inside, so you can bounce a papa off the cauliflower and hit the multiplier above the cactus. If the red pepper multiplier is easily hittable do it trying to get back to the chilies.
If a papa gets blown into the bamboo area or blackberries hope that it removes everything, including the multiplier under the watermelon. The potato sticks, like blackberries, can make lots of points so the more multipliers you have the better.
Remove the cauliflowers with the same aiming line on the inside if you haven’t already and try for the multiplier.
Hitting the fireball needs a lucky bounce off an acorn or sleeping cactus to make a Fire Papa to burn the cactus, break the jars faster possibly hitting the multipliers, and remove blackberries and acorns. The Fire Papa will also split the potato sticks if it bounces on the bamboo.
To remove the potato sticks and acorns, if not already done, along with some mushrooms, you want a good left/right bounce to split as many as your papa can. When a mushroom reappears it may stop the bouncing for a slow straight removal. Trying to remove the last few sticks, especially if they are low, is hard because there’s no way to tell how your papa will bounce off the bamboo if you can’t curve your aiming line for a direct shot. Do the same left/right bounce shot for the blackberries too. It will give your papa a chance at missing the watermelon seeds and possibly removing it or hitting the multiplier.
When down to your last few shots look for any easy to hit multipliers then look for big point items like any of the four blackberries in the center, easy to remove potato sticks, or even an upper mushroom once you get it’s timing figured out. Trying to hit a watermelon if the seeds aren’t blocked is too hard. You can bounce off a center blackberry and hit the blueberry for points too.




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  1. Sam

    I really l enjoy playing papa pear but level 509 is IMPOSSIBLE! 900,000 points is way too much. can you please lower it so I can continue playing? Thank You


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