Papa Pear Saga Level 510, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 22 Papas to Use 13 Power-Ups; 90,000 points.

Yes the picture shows 23 papas, it’s an extra one, but the game is 22 papas.
Aim high off a wall and wait until the top vacuum plant is almost to the opposite side then shoot a papa to start removing the red pepper end. If you shoot too soon the plant is closer to the papa shooter and you might not hit the wall first. Keep doing this until both red pepper wall side, if not more, are removed. If you have shots before the plant pops start removing the top left cauliflower by aiming at the wall above it as the top plant starts moving left. It will need removing. By now the top plant should pop. Wait for item removal and the lower vacuum plant sucking in some papas.
If all the red peppers and yellow chilies aren’t removed do so trying to remove any blackberries too and getting the papa sucked into the other moving plant, popping it. Hopefully enough papas are by the right side cauliflower, attracted by the bottom vacuum plant to remove it and get sucked in. The cauliflower is an annoyance if it is blowing but shouldn’t affect how you make fireball power-ups.
To make fireball power-ups aim at a wall as high as you can and as the bamboo is about to “touch” the line below the lamps eyes shoot a papa. It should bounce off the bamboo towards the center and hit the other wall. This is why you need a lot of the blackberries removed. You might get an odd bounce not sending your papa to the wall but don’t worry. Having that right side cauliflower removed is helpful because your papa may be sucked in by the plant and pop it for possible fireballs but at least a multiplier power-up.
Now shoot at the fireballs and any other power-ups you’ve made, hitting the edge to send the papa towards others, and win.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    surprisingly easy: Collected 14 out of 13 needed power-ups, and had two more left over. However it came close to the number of papas: Just one left!
    But with six multis, I scored far over 400,000 points in the first game!


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