Papa Pear Saga Level 511, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 20,000 points.

You have one extra papa to either get killed by the cactus or fall into an already lit bucket so some luck is needed but it is passable.
Start by gently curving your aiming line to the left to shoot a papa over the pea pod to hit the blue lid. If no peas are blocking the aiming line quickly shoot two more papas to hit the lid and open it. Depending on how the papas bounce off the pea pod and any lower peas, a papa may hit the red lid. Keep shooting if you have a clear shot to light the left bucket.
The right bucket is the same shot but watch out for the top head end of the carrot since it may block your shot depending on the curve you put on the line.
Lighting the middle 3 are hard and save the very center bucket for last. Your papa may bounce toward the center bucket or into the bamboo curves dropping it onto the lid/gray bucket.
Gently curve your aiming line at the pea pod to make and remove peas, blackberries, and possibly carrots to try and have your papa bounce off one of them either into the leaf covered multiplier curves or onto a lid/gray bucket. If you removed most, if not all, of the carrots on the same side of both moving bamboo curves you can extremely curve your aiming line to hit the red and wood lids. Make sure your line won’t hit the carrot point above the lids, be just to the center side of it, and you should be able to safely shoot a papa without the cactus killing it.
If you have a shot at the multipliers area gently aim at the bamboo to hit the multiplier but trying to keep your papa from bouncing out which a more direct shot will do. Once the multipliers are hit you have a fairly safe path for your papa to hit/light the red and wood lids. If it’s too bouncy a shot your papa may drop onto the end bucket.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    Now they give you 25 papas which is enough even though the center bucket is hard to hit. All others are quite easy. 6 multis, over 210,000 points and 4 paps left πŸ™‚


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