Papa Pear Saga Level 513 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 15 Papas to Use 16 Doublers; 60,000 points.

Hope the right side glass jar has a doubler in it or you’ll have to make one since only 15 are on the board. You also want to make grande bonuses for item and cactus removal.
Shoot at the top of the right sided onions to remove them and if your papa bounces out remove more onions in the center two groups. You need to remove a lot of the onions to hit the doublers and bounce into the pea pods for grande possibility.
Keep shooting papas to the top right onions until you break through trying to hit that top doubler. With two papas now you have a better chance of getting one to put the cactus to sleep and the other to hit the 5 doublers and make peas in the center area.
Shoot at the right center section of onions and peas trying to make a grande bonus. You need the top left cactus removed to make things easier so hope any grande bonuses are up high. Shoot at the left section too because you need to remove a lot of those onions, especially the end and lower ones. Your papas will bounce off both onion groups. Removing the left onions will gain you access to the fireball and doublers to the left of the fireball.If you can hit the fireball don’t expect it to drop down onto the lower 3 onions and into the pink bucket area. The curve will usually send the Fire Papa to burn some onions and the right pea pod. Hitting the 4 doublers needs a papa to bounce off a pea to hit the 3 onions. If the papa gets stuck on an onion removing it hope you have peas to bounce off of and hit the doublers. There is no direct shot.
If you’ve removed the left cactus gently shoot to remove some of the 4 onions to hit the two doublers. Your papa may bounce into the 3 doubler area if you removed some onions on that side or the whole group is up high enough.
Ignore the left side jar unless you sent a Papa Grande down for the two doublers. You might get a lucky left/right bounce and peas to break the jar for it’s contents. Shooting a papa down the left wall won’t hit the jar.



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