Papa Pear Saga Level 516 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 16 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 20,000 points.

This can be a hard level because you are depending on the trees to possibly shoot your papas into the buckets. Let’s get the board cleared up first.
Aim at a wall as high as you can so your papa bounces into the center warp spinner hopefully emerging to hit the opposite wall for a fireball bonus. The top tree will get the papa and shoot removing red peppers and yellow chilies. You need to burn all the cactus to increase your chances of winning.
The warp emerge pattern is varied and one I couldn’t find the exact pattern to. I do know it will be 2 on one wall then 2 on the other wall then once back at the first wall and once at the other wall eventually.
If you have fireballs near the top trees you can curve your aiming line so it passes the end of the bamboo sending your papa into a tree or bouncing on to a fireball. Now you want the Fire Papa to burn up the cactus and open a lid. With a really lucky bounce the Fire Papa will bounce off bucket edges, opening lids and lighting a bucket.
Making a Fire Papa Grande, if you have a grande in a jar, is great for removing the cactus and opening buckets. When you burn all the cactus and have lids opened try curving your aiming line to have your papa hit the tree directly or just bounce off the wall hopefully into a gray bucket. A wall bounce has a better chance of lighting the 3 center buckets. The end buckets are hard to hit, and getting your papa down to them needs a bounce off something.
Sorry these aren’t great tips but you don’t always depend on the top trees once you’ve opened the lids and burned all the cactus.

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One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 516”

  1. Hans Wurst

    Hm, it took eight paps to make five fire bonus before one could be hit.
    Then the other buckets had been hit at least ten times before the last bucket was hit.
    But still passed with seven papas left and a 230k score!
    Funny: The last papa bounced back and forth almost endlessly between a wood and a burned cactus.


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