Papa Pear Saga Level 518 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 17 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 20,000 points.

Aim below a top cactus to have your papa hit the wall and bounce into some cauliflower somewhere. Which ever side has some cauliflower blowing aim at the other wall. You want to bounce off wall and have the cauliflower to blow your papa into the other wall for a fireball bonus. It may take a few papas to get the cauliflower blowing and fireball made. If the fireball is hittable do it otherwise try to make another one. You want Fire Papas blowing around to burn the cactus most importantly but also remove cauliflowers too.
The two cauliflower closest to the cactus, by the wall fruit, are hard to remove when fully blowing. If your Fire Papa gets “stuck” in a circular blowing motion but hits the wall, top, or something, let it so you can make a grande bonus. A Fire Papa Grande has a better chance of removing those cauliflowers, and others in the center section. It also makes dropping the end fruit possible, especially with a Fire Papa to open the lid and remove the blackberries.
Once the top cauliflower is removed you will have an easy shot to remove the blackberries and other cauliflower. If the fruit get hit some of the lower cauliflower could start being blown around by them. With enough cauliflowers removed and mushrooms invisible your fruit could blow out between the blueberries and drop in a bucket.
This is your treat for passing 517, a fun level, so enjoy papas and fruit blowing around.

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