Papa Pear Saga Level 519 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 18 Papas to Remove 40 Potato Dice; 20,000 points.

This is a timing level meaning you need to time your shots so your papas hit certain power-ups and bamboo gaps.
Aim at the left fireball and shoot a papa at it as the bamboo circle is moving up. You want a Fire Papa to burn as many cactus as it can, especially the one to the right of the top. If the Fire Papa gets inside splitting the potatoes outside and below the cactus circle is a real bonus. The Fire Papa should make a grande bonus and hopefully fall past a burned cactus to split any potato halves.
If the Fire Papa didn’t burn the cactus or split the potatoes aim at the cactus to the right of the top. When the gap between it and the bamboo will be at it’s widest shoot a papa. You’ll probably put the cactus to sleep, killing your papa but shoot again at the same gap and your papa should split one, if not both potatoes, hopefully sending the pieces outside the circle.
On the left side aim for the doubler as the circle is going down. This gives the papas a better chance of entering the gap and splitting potatoes. If both papas bounce away you at least have a direct gap in the bamboo to shoot at the potatoes. The right side has an unblocked gap to split the potatoes so shoot a papa into it.
Splitting potato halves or sticks depends where they are. Aiming through bamboo gaps will have your papa bounce on bamboo, possibly hitting a power-up, helping you make the needed dice. Shoot at easy halves or sticks if they are up high. Important thing is to wait for any dice to fall into a bucket before shooting another papa, especially when your papa count is going down.
If you have potato pieces by a wall wait for the bamboo to move down below it or try bouncing off the wall then the bamboo to drop your papa down on the potato.
Hitting any pieces under the center bamboo is hard. If bouncing through the side bamboo’s gaps doesn’t work try aiming high and shooting as the side bamboo is about to be at its lowest. You’ll have to adjust up or down if you hit a cactus.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    Yes, the timing is very hard, so it needs a few attempts to hit the fire bonus on each side. But the the level is quite simple, and there are more than enough potato cubes. 3 papas left, and close to 200k scored after two games played.


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