Papa Pear Saga Level 523 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 18 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 200,000 points.

To beat this level you need at least two multipliers (x3), papas left over after dropping the fruit, and 100,000 or more points to make the bonus points at the end.
You want to keep your pointer up along the carrot area so your papa shots are gentler and hopefully remove more items. Clearing the peas that block the lids is vital so hope your papa bounces down toward them. You don’t want a pea holding up a fruit and you can’t shoot a papa at it. Of the two corner multipliers the right side has bigger gaps between the onions but you still need a lucky bounce to hit them.
Shoot a papa at the carrots to the left of the green apple and wait for the carrots to disappear before shooting another papa there. King has changed item removal so the carrots you hit the first are “ghost” carrots, lighter in color, but will still bounce a papa off of them. Shoot all three papas and see what items they remove.
Shooting to the left you should remove or weaken the onions and blackberries for points, room for the fruit to fall, and hopefully open lids. With three papas going possibly everywhere your next shots will be important.
If you have fruit on lids you can try direct shooting papas if no peas are in the way. Fruit on the red or wooden lid have more of a chance if you try to roll your papa down the wall side pea pod. So very left pea pod for better chance at hitting red lid.
Shoot at any item, blackberry, onion, carrot, or pea to free the fruit. If it will fall on peas blocking its path carefully try to remove them looking for angled shots to bounce the papa into the peas and not make more.
Making points is done by removing the items and bouncing on the blueberries, hopefully with a multiplier(s) hit. If you have hit the multipliers or made one by removing all of one item and lots of extra papas drop the fruit then quickly shoot as many papas as you can before the shooter freezes in place. Those 2 or 3 papas will hopefully remove items for a higher base score before any extra papas get shot out for their bonus points.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    The score limit is now on 25,000 points only which can be passed easily.
    Had all fruits dropped with seven paps left, and even without any multiplier I could score three stars with almost 190,000 points only…


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