Papa Pear Saga Level 524 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Papa Pear Saga Level 524 is the hardest level in the Episode “MAKE LOVE NOT CHARD 511525.” or it may be even the hardest in the whole game so far…?

The Upper Papa Pear Saga Level 524 Demo video is using Aerial Support boosters.


Video without any boosters by our admin of Papa Pear Saga help group:

Task: 17 Papas to Use 25 Power-Ups; 15,000 points.

You need a lot of lucky bounces and made power-up placements to beat this but it can be done.
Aim at the left red pepper end to bounce your papa to the right wall for a fireball power-up. Soon as the fireball is made shoot again at the left red pepper end and hopefully the first papa won’t hit it and you can make a 2nd fireball. A third one is possible if you bounce off the left carrot head just right and hit the right wall again.
Now where were the fireballs you just made placed? You need to make Fire Papas to burn the cactus and remove as many items, especially the watermelons, and hit a many power-ups as you can. Making any grande or doubler power-ups is helpful too. Aim for any easily hittable fireballs, especially if the up and down red pepper has been removed. I wish I could say there is a way to hit them so the Fire Papa bounces left and right, off watermelon seeds, items, and cactus but that’s where the lucky bouncing comes in.
Removing the watermelons is extremely important though. You don’t want seeds altering your papa shots. The center watermelon is the hardest to remove because so many seeds block a straight shot. If there is a fireball by the watermelon, not the ones under the cactus, watch the seed timing and try to hit it to remove the watermelon.
To make fireball power-ups you need the right cactus burned, preferably the left ones burned, and the left wall side carrots, especially down by the curve, removed. Put your pointer to the right edge of the screen so you have an aiming line dot on the center of the multipliers ‘X’, like ‘X3’. Watch the right moving cactus and as it moves down to the eyes of the background tree/flower thing shoot a papa. You should bounce off the burned cactus, miss the moving ones, and hit the left wall for a fireball power-up. Adjust slightly if you don’t bounce across the right side cactus.
You start with 13 power-ups, have 4 “easy” items, red peppers, yellow chilies, watermelons, and blackberries for 4 multiplier power-ups, and hopefully 2 fireball power-ups for 19. Hopefully you’ll make other power-ups as you shot your first few papas.
Other shots to try:
Depending on what upper red peppers are left try bouncing a papa close to the green end of the left side remaining piece to possibly make a fireball power-up. if the right side red pepper is removed but the one to the left of the cactus is still there, aim high off the wall to bounce off it’s point and across to the left wall (before you remove the left side red pepper tat I mentioned before this shot). And if the yellow chilies are still there try bouncing across them aiming for the wall then bouncing on the wall side half. Your bounce off the wall won’t be at the highest as you can go.
It’s a very hard level. It took Ronald 6 days to finally make the video and you see the lucky bounces he got, no offense Ronald. Hang in there and you’ll get the right bounce to remove items, hit power-ups, and make more power-ups too.524



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    • Hans Wurst

      This is definitely NOT the hardest level, as I could pass after just TWO tries with five paps left and over 380k points scored!!!
      Make a fire bonus as described, maybe two, be a bit lucky to find one of them in a well usable position, and the game is already solved…

  1. Lisa Sobocinski

    been on 524 for over a month…incredible…have watched the videos and read the tips…nothing is working….walked away for awhile and still nothing…UGH!! please help!

  2. Brenda Jackson

    if I decided to buy an airplane I can’t find anything that tells you how and where to buy it.


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