Papa Pear Saga Level 526, video walkthrough by Papa Pear Saga Help Admin LEA


Light up the buckets with 18 papas, beware of the nasty obstacles under the low leafs!





Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 25,000 points.

You’ll probably have an easier time beating this level without reading these tips because removing the cauliflowers are so hard. You can’t directly or curved aiming line a papa down the bamboo to remove them.
Try not to make a lot of peas because they will block the green spinners from spinning and also be in the way of your shot.
Aim at a wall and try to make a fireball. If your papa bounces off the carrots or pea pods you want it to remove the blackberry “on the sun”. That blackberry blocks the green spinners from spinning. If you do make a fireball try to burn out pea pods and and hopefully cauliflower or lids.
If a spinner is in the right direction to shoot at a lid light the bucket. Look for spinners stuck by a pea so your papa can roll towards another lid. The center two if stuck in the right position will open the end lids.
I found this shot by accident and it doesn’t always work but might for you. Try to have burned pea pods in the middle. Aim at the edge of one to bounce your papa toward a lid if the spinner isn’t in the way. It’s similar to the stuck spinner shot but I was surprised when it worked.

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