Papa Pear Saga Level 527, video walkthrough and guidance by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins and Blogging Witch Lea.







Task: 18 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 75,000 points.

You need to remove the onions by the end buckets and under the moving trees so the fruit on the bamboo can get shot off of it with your papa. Having an apple or lemon can be useful because their odd shape can block the gap in the bamboo so your papa gets recalled to the shooter. Having no multipliers in the jars, just papa affecting power-ups, is very helpful too.
Aim at the onions by the holly spinners so you hit two with one papa. You want to remove onions so you can shoot over the fruit removing more onions,acorns and start breaking the jars. Your first few shots will bounce off sending your papa somewhere, most likely a tree, where more onion removal will happen. If your papa gets stuck on the bamboo wait for it to be recalled before shooting.
Once the upper fruit are free you want to use the jar power-ups to help you remove the onions by the buckets and under the trees. A good bounce will send the powered up papa(s) into the trees to remove more onions or push the fruit into the buckets. Be careful when shooting the fruit off the bamboo because your papa might bounce it back onto the bamboo.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    Isn’t it strange that one fails the level a hundred times when doing it as described, and pass it with over 250k points when aiming at a wrong onion ( a row too high) in error!?


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