Papa Pear Saga Level 528, video DEMO SOLUTIONS by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



SLOWMOTION GAMEPLAY for Papa Pear Saga Level 528:


Task: Use All Papas; 220,000 points.

Make potato dice as quickly as you can. The vacuum plant will suck them up like papas and pop so you can working on getting points. Don’t forget about the plant’s multiplier to help make points.
Aim at a wall right above the acorns but hit it first in case you get a lucky bounce to make a fireball. You need your papa or multiple papas to bounce down and through the gap in the top blueberry to split the potato. You can’t directly shoot at the potato. Once it’s split make the dice as quickly as you can remembering you can’t aim directly. Once the plant has popped look for the multiplier and hit it as soon as you can.
Remove as many of the upper acorns as you can so you have better aiming at the blueberries. You need your papa to bounce off the wall sides of the blueberries to make points. If you have split both potatoes there is enough of a gap between the bottom two blueberries to remove acorns. Also look to see if you have any potato dice that didn’t fall in a bucket and remove them if you can for a possible potato multiplier.
If you make a grande with acorn removal use it, especially if it’s by blueberries for points or remove acorns for another possible grande.
When most of the acorns are gone keep aiming at the wall side blueberries trying to bounce a lot to make points.
Making a fireball is possible but it is a very tricky shot. You need most of the upper acorns removed, especially by the walls and on the clouds. Aim straight lined to the right so you have a red dot even with (next to and at the same height, not above or below the curve) the cloud’s closed left eye. A successful aim will bounce off the wall, hit the top blueberry, and send your papa to the left wall. Making fireballs is a quick 5000 points and it may take some very tiny adjusting to get the correct area.


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