Papa Pear Saga Level 529, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Old version looked like this:

If someone want to use boosters this one is the best, watch and enjoy the ride if you can afford it! πŸ˜‰ :


In Papa Pear Saga Level 529 task is to light up buckets with 22 moves.

We can’t lie – this level is HARD! But guess what as our members pass it in Papa Pear Saga Help Group at Facebook so can you. Tips are here little tricky as we can’t tell will you make fire papas, where will it go, what will do but some basic tips might, hopefully, help You.

papa-pear-saga-529For Papa level 529 – you NEED fire papas – those damn cactuses will kill your papas as they somehow always go directly to them after coming out rotating mill don’t you agree?

But first, in order to make fire papas you need to remove some of the ingredients on left and right wall. Once you did that focus on aiming your papa into rotating mill.Fire papa/papas should kill if not all at least 2,3 cactuses to get somewhere in the level. They will also help with lids on the buckets of course. It doesn’t matter on which side, but somehow I found right side better ( just a hunch lol ). After many many tries, that many lives aiming straight on the wall, found that you need to curve a little arrow coming from papa cauldron. There are 2 reasons: one is papa gets easier into rotating mill and if the mill isn’t on that path you can aim papa into middle bucket – works every time ( you can see it in video at: 2:06). Think this tip will help you as many of us had problems with that middle one. You also have to be careful about that “bamboo stick” ( not sure what is it at the moment” as it needs to have left edge down and right edge up – that’s why I was trying to put it in that position in video at : 1:20.

After, in video 2:15, I had 10 papas, papa double, fire papa and only one bucket left – could probably go and use it to make bigger score, but to be honest I just wanted to get rid of this level πŸ™‚

So good luck papa maniacs, hope this will help you, share some your own tips in comments if you have it – just don’t hate Β Youtube Channel the Blogging WitchesΒ we didn’t make this level, just tried to help πŸ˜‰ :).

Kind regards, BloggingWitch Lea :).

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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 529”

  1. Chris

    Papa peR 529 does not have the rotating mill in my version as do all the help videos so basically I can ever do this level and so having got this far can no longer progress. I am so annoyed I’m giving up king games for good they suck!

    • Hans Wurst

      You have to go a path through the cactus, and lit four buckets. Then shoot six more into the same bucket, and get one color stone. Use that to finish.

  2. Jeanne

    I too do not have the same screen set up that’s being shown!?! This is frustrating and has happened before. Can you Please try to stay current with the updates! Thanks

  3. paula Orcutt

    There are no spinners on my screen either. Fire papas are hard to make and will go only in the corner buckets. no way to reliably get the middle bucket. The worst level yet. it would be helpful if ghe moderator could try the level as it exists now rather than using the old layout


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