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Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 55,000 points.

Make fireballs for Fire Papas. Lighting the far right bucket is the hardest so getting a Fire Papa in there to burn the cactus’ is helpful but hard.
Why King put the blackberries, potatoes, and yellow chilies on the board is just for points. It’d be tricky enough without them. That said, aim to the right so you hit the rightmost blackberry then the wall and see where your papa eventually bounces to. Hopefully it will be off the left wall for a fireball. Keep removing the right two blackberries and hope you don’t hit the hidden cactus by the cloud’s scarf. You’ll want to burn it eventually if it keeps killing your papas.
Aim in the right side corner to bounce your papa off the blueberry, into the wall, and across removing potatoes, chilies, make a fireball, and get the cauliflower’s blowing. If you made enough fireballs start making Fire Papas to remove the cauliflowers and damage/open lids or light buckets.
Getting the buckets lid by the mushrooms takes patience. If the center one isn’t lit don’t light it in case you miss this shot, the papa will most likely bounce into the center bucket.
Aim straight down to the tip of the sun’s top “point” or a tiny bit to the right. You want to hit the moving blueberry’s edge to bounce into blueberry area when the 6 blueberries are outside. Having a fireball in this area is nice to make a Fire Papa to burn the cactus’ too. With the 6 blueberries moving back in you have a better chance of getting your papa to the far right bucket. Patience and timing with this shot.
In frustration I found that if you aim high to the left and wait for the 6 blueberries to start moving to the left you can bounce off the wall and open the wooden lid. The mushrooms should be invisible and you can light that bucket easily. But any straight down, off the edge blueberry, shots might bounce there too.


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