Papa Pear Saga Level 533, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 1,200,000 points.

The points aren’t the problem here it’s getting the center fruit off the nuts which can be a problem.
Aim at a potato so your papa bounces toward the top mystery can. Hope it’s not a cactus. If it is aim over the left fruit to try and open that mystery can. A fireball will make your Fire Papa remove lots of onions for a grande bonus but a nice wide area for the fruit to drop down and possibly open a bucket.
Hit the other potato trying to bounce your papa into the center fruit to knock it off. Other potato parts can be used as bouncing of items trying to knock that fruit off. This is one time where the bubble flower can be useful depending on where the bubbles appear. You’ll see in the video the bubbles push the fruit off the nuts.
If you make grandes use them to make more wide areas for the fruit to fall down and hit lidded/open buckets. If all the fruit are knocked off the nuts use other grandes to remove bubble flowers and sleeping cactus, burned or alive. (I had a fruit stuck on a burned cactus and flower). A nice spot for a Papa Grande is also by the right wall until the cactus kills it.
A grande by the center fruit may knock it off when you make the Papa Grande. The two edge fruit can be knocked off by a direct or wall bounce shot.
It’s a fun level to see how many points you can make with multipliers also in the cans. Just be happy with knocking fruit off the nuts and into the buckets with the minimum points.


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