Papa Pear Saga Level 534, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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Task: 20 Papas to Remove 5 Blackberries; 10,000 points.

Since there is only one fairly sure shot in this game you’ll want to get good at making fireballs since a Fire Papa bouncing off a bamboo will weaken/remove a blackberry.
Open the top mystery can by bouncing your papa off the right wall first. Based on how you hit the can your papa may bounce to the left into the top tree or on the moving blueberries and maybe bounce into a blackberry or the left wall for a fireball. Keep trying the right wall to open the mystery cans and if you’re really lucky you’ll get a blackberry.
Hit any power-ups on the edge you want them to go towards. A Papa Grande will fit into the bamboo areas where the blackberries are. Try to get any Fire Papas near the bamboo like I mentioned earlier.
Once you’re done using the power-ups aim straight down at the little bit of bamboo separator so your papa bounces to the left. The trees shoot immediately so wait until it is moving up just past “middle” bamboo and shoot your papa. You may have to adjust a bit but the tree will remove the blackberry.
Try curving your aiming line over the top bamboos to the left wall to bounce your papa into the tree to remove that blackberry.
Make fireballs by bouncing off the right wall when the blueberries are in the center moving left. It’s not a guaranteed shot but your papa might bounce up into one of the blackberries.
Sorry these tips stink but beating this level just kind of seems to happen. You look at it and say “How?” but then your papas bounce or get shot into the blackberries.


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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 534”

  1. Hans Wurst

    It doesn’t matter f you make a fire papa or not – it will go down the next bucket without touching anything else anyway – manipulated game!
    And it doesn’t matter to get any other power-ups except for doublers. Papa grandes explicitly are too big to get into the bamboo corners to hit a blackberry anyway – manipulated game!!

    Also shooting at the tree as described almost never works. There IS a small delay, both in when the papa is shot, and when it is released from the wood, so in no case ever the papa will hit the blackberry, as something goes wrong int he timing always – manipulated game!!!

  2. Alf Igel

    If there is no blackberry in a can, you have definitely no chance. It is impossible to hit those three lower blackberries other than by pure random, and even then maybe two, but never three. Stupid game!


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