Papa Pear Saga Level 535, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: Use All Papas; 450,000 points.

Does this level remind you of level 180? πŸ˜‰

Curve your aiming line above the clouds so it will hit the edge or lower corner of the fireball when the top cactus starts moving towards it so the Fire Papa will burn up the cactus’ and hit the multipliers. You want to hit as many of the 12 of them as you can but don’t get worry if you miss one.
If you made a grande bonus use it if you can, especially if it will remove burned out cactus so you have a nice area to bounce papas in for points or have it remove acorns, split potatoes, and remove bubble plants.
You want to remove all the acorns and potatoes for two more multipliers. Be sure to shoot a multiplier so it will bounce toward a blueberry or other item needing removing. Aim between the bubble plants and shoot as the acorn arrow starts to get close to remove a bunch of the acorns.
If you missed some of the left side multipliers aim at the onions and when the multipliers are moving to the right shoot to bounce off an onion with a fair chance at hitting them. You want your line to stop at the bottom bubble plant’s bottom leaf to get at the onion and by the blueberry. There isn’t enough of a gap between the onions and blueberry for this shot to work on the right side.
Making the points now can be done by aiming between the bubble plants or just the top one or you can try to get your papa between burned out cactus and blueberries. The problem with the burned cactus is that their movement will cause your papa to fall quickly. Getting a papa stuck on a bubble so it bounces on a blueberry is very hard so good luck if you get a well placed bubble.


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