Papa Pear Saga Level 537, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins




In Papa Pear Level 537 we have a task to Use 10 Power-Ups with 17 papas.

Aim on the middle of the board, you can aim few papas if you want to. At first you will think this is not possible but you need to make some peas so all this can make any sense.

The trick is that your papa circles around those 2 vacuum plants that are surrounded with pea pods. After papa bounces around 50 times you will get papa grande, that papa grande will make another etc etc. You can also make fire papas by bouncing on both walls – it doesn’t matter if fire papa burns some of the pea pod – vacuum plant will still attract your papa to itself. Once your papa get to second vacuum plant and if it follows it, you will also make few papa doubles.

We almost forgot: vacuum plants will swallow your fire papa and papa grande if you make one at the moment when vacuum plant is above it. So you don’t think what is going on. we didn’t, but if you manage to do this 5 times vacuum plant will explode and release those papas.

All this is a little tricky you if you don’t make it at first try, don’t worry we didn’t either 😉
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11 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 537”

  1. Anne Jennings

    I *hate* this level. On the point of giving up the game; it depends too much on sheer luck, and this level is just boring as well as nearly impossible (my best is 8 out of 10, and that’s after at least 100 tries)

  2. Ms divine

    This level is not challenging, it’s frustrating! Haven’t gotten more than five power ups. When I do manage to create a grande it doesn’t bounce around and create more; it goes straight in bucket or cactus or gets eaten by hynoplants!! May be done with papa pear. And I hate that because it used to be my favorite game.

  3. Jean

    I have to disagree with the middle of the board strategy. Just passed the level and found I had better results aiming at the right wall almost every time.

  4. Joe

    Whoever thought up this ridiculous level needs to face some consequences. This is completely luck. No skill. Totally annoying. Makes me want to throw my phone across the universe. Shame on you King for letting this be level. You will never get my money. Ever.

  5. Camille

    I quit, it used to be my favorite game. I’ve been working on this level for about 6 weeks. I quit. Deleting.

  6. Mark Winkler

    This is the worst level. There is no strategy, no aim, just frustration. I want to see the last levels but I don’t even care any more. I’ve done this level 100 times as in the video and most of my papas go straight down the drain.

  7. Kate

    I agree with the other posters here, I have been working on this level over 100 times and it is impossible to win. It is sheer luck. I haven’t been able to make and get more than 8 power ups, most of the papas just go straight down the drain. There is no way to avoid the whirlpools and they always dump the papa straight into a bucket. I quit. King games will NEVER get my money! Shame on you King games for making a level impossible for the majority of your players, are you TRYING to kill this game????

    • Pat

      Hey you whiners. I just made TWELVE power ups in my THIRD game.

      It is easy, just drop the papa gently on the vacuum plant when it is moving under the canon.


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