Papa Pear Saga Level 539, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 15 Papas to Remove 12 Mushrooms; 50,000 points.

Stupid mushrooms and only 12, no extras. Every warp spinner emerge area is a leaf but I don’t know the pattern.
Obviously timing is everything. Watch the red mushrooms and once they disappear if you count to two-ish they will reappear. Practice getting the timing count so you’ll know when to shoot.
Hit the top doubler and see where your papas bounce and hopefully weaken some mushrooms. Bounce off the right wall to enter the warp if you missed the mushrooms.You want a papa to get into the blueberry area to weaken/remove those mushrooms. You may also make a fireball bonus if your papa doesn’t get in the blueberries.
Only shoot one papa at a time because you don’t know where it will bounce off of walls, mushrooms, and blueberries.
There is a gap in top left column of red mushrooms which you can shoot a papa through directly to hit the top mushroom.
If you have the timing down and need to hit the lower left outside mushroom (above the red bucket) use a straight aiming line and try putting the dots by the left cloud’s right eye and one just barely above the smile line. That will bounce your papa at the mushroom directly.
Avoid hitting any created power-ups unless they are on the mushrooms. Let a bouncing papa hit any extra fireballs, doublers, or grandes to use them. You need to concentrate on what mushrooms to remove. If the powered-up papa does it for you be happy.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    Hitting eleven mushrooms is not hard, and can be done with quite a number of moves left. But the one on the bottom is impossible to hit, as the brown mushrooms appear a fraction of a second later than the red, so when you shoot at the brown one, the red will appear first, and block your shoot. Or when you shoot earlier, the papa will pass through the appearing brown mushroom but the stupid app does not count this as a hit. Stupidly designed level again!


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