Papa Pear Saga Level 541, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 36,000 points.

The lids move around to different buckets so be warned. You want to make fireball bonuses but that takes a slow removal from your papa to hit the onions and blackberries on the left of the warp spinner.
Start by curving your aiming line on the blackberry by the cloud’s right eye. Weakening or removing the onions and blackberries up there will help your papa get to the left wall. Just use one papa if you remove a lot of items.
Remove the top onion on the right side always hitting the right wall then let your papa get shot by the trees. Your papa will eventually enter the warp spinner emerging near other trees to get shot into the warp..
The top “pair” of trees will remove the onions/blackberries eventually sending your papa to the left wall for a fireball bonus. The two trees aimed at the blueberries will bounce your papa in a “circle”, either bouncing off the lower blueberry or the onion above the bucket eventually breaking a lid or lighting the bucket.
Once the fireball bonuses start getting made try to hit them making Fire Papas to burn cactus, remove more onions, and breaking lids or lighting buckets. You’ll notice the onions by the blueberries should be getting weakened or removed if a regular or Fire Papa is shot through the trees or hit on an emerging papa.
Curve your aiming line between the top trees so the end dot is by the bottom of the tree under the curve of the cloud and your pointer is on the tree by the cloud’s sunglasses. With the right curve your papa will bounce into the bucket by the surfboard. A slightly straighter curve will hit the end bucket.
Opening/lighting the center bucket needs a lot of the onions removed and the cactus burned. A tight curved line to bounce off the burned cactus and down will bounce your papa down into the lid/open bucket. It’s much easier if a Fire Papa or bounce off the blueberry or onion by the blue surfboard.
With enough onions removed and cactus burned the left two buckets can be lit directly if needed. A lot depends on where the lids are. Welcome back levels!

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One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 541”

  1. Alf Igel

    I just shot high at the right wall, and let the woods do the rest of the work. After some papas shot, the path is free to the warp, and some more papas, also there is a path to the left wall. And then the party can begin. Keep shooting like this, make fire paps, they will run in circles and let the score raise to three stars quickly…
    Only problem is hitting the two right buckets, as there seems to be no aiming towards them in any way. But eventually, one papa will also fall there, and if not two, then collect the bucket filler bonus, and use that instead… Scored close to 200,00 points that way!


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