Papa Pear Saga Level 542, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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Task: 16 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 51,000 points.

The good thing is the lids break with one papa. Bad thing is all the potential peas. Having nice round fruit helps too.
Start by removing the top acorns by the top fruit so you gain access to the carrot by the mushrooms. Remove the carrot end and acorns so the top fruit falls out. A good papa bounce will remove the lower acorns dropping the fruit. Don’t worry if the fruit lands on a lid because other papa shots should break the lid.
The center fruit is usually the easiest since removing the carrots and acorns are done easily with a rolling papa on the bottom carrot.
Lower fruit needs the acorns and carrots removed but you’ll probably have peas to deal with too. Try for a shot to roll on the pea pod under removing the acorns and top of the carrot. The fruit may get stuck so shoot over it to remove an acorn or carrot. If you curve your aiming line over the top pea pod you can bounce your papa into potential blocking items, adjusting your aim if you miss.
I’ll state this obvious thing too, shoot a papa when the mushrooms are about to disappear. And if you get an apple make sure it doesn’t roll onto its top or it’s really hard to drop.


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