Papa Pear Saga Level 543, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 23 Papas to Remove 13 Blackberries; 25,000 points.

Leave the blackberries by the holly spinners for papas bounced out by watermelon seeds. Information for those will be lower.
Aim high as you can to the right to bounce a papa off the wall and into and through the onions by the clouds sunglasses. Your papa will weaken or remove the top center blackberries and other items in the center before hitting a cactus. Keep shooting until you’ve removed at least one onion.
Curve your aiming line so it is on the outside edge of the watermelon and shoot a papa avoiding the seeds. If you miss the timing your papa will bounce somewhere to remove items and hopefully blackberries. Once the watermelon is removed you want the papa to bounce, not get stuck against, the jar to break it and remove the blackberry. A stuck papa may break the jar and fall not hitting the blackberry.
The left watermelon/blackberry is the same except you shoot at the onions directly. A good hard shot might get your papa stuck between two onions, removing them, and luckily falling to remove the watermelon but a seed will probably bounce it out.
For the center area you’ll need to remove all the onions and yellow chilies. Aim toward the edges to remove the chilies and onions. Hit the center edge of the blueberry to get your papa bouncing to the center jar holding the blackberry. Removing the bottom onions and chilies is needed to get to the blackberries. If the item removal didn’t weaken/remove the lower blackberries aim a straight line at the lower left bamboo section separator just above the white-ish blue ocean water line. If you want to count bamboo sections it’s the line between the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom. I don’t know how much jar damage will be done with the bamboo bounce but with all items cleared on the right side you can directly shoot at the jar. It’s a one shot per damage unless you try a curved aiming line but it’s hard to get an up and down papa bounce on the lid. Once the jar is broken it’s an easy two papa shots to remove the blackberry.
The left edge needs your papa to roll down the bottom holly spinner to bounce repeatedly on the jar until it breaks weakening or removing the blackberry. The two above it may be removed as you use a nice curved aiming line to shoot your papa. You will need to adjust your aiming line possibly drastically to get the correct holly spin and bounce of your papa to remove the blackberries. The right side blackberries need the same curved aiming line but they seem easier to remove. Having a papa bounce off the watermelon seed removing either sides blackberries is a nice treat.


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