Papa Pear Saga Level 545, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


TIPS: To collect 132 acorns with 15 moves in Papa level 545 you need to use ONLY 2 PAPAS to get the multipliers on both sides first and 2 acorns that are below the multipliers – you can’t leave any acorn on the board!

It is little harder to get multipliers on the left side then on the right – so first go and clear left side. Why? If you miss it and your papa gets killed by the cactus – quit and start over. Aim your papa little over the bamboo stick at the moment when the cactus is moving from the pipe – that’s when you need to hit your papa. Do the same on the right side. This way you will waste only 2 papas, get multipliers, remove first 2 acorns and have 13 papa left to remove the remaining 130 acorns.

Now as you all know by now – here comes the luck part as you can’t control where will your papa bounce – not always anyway. Curve a little your papa arrow ( coming from the papa bucket above) and you have 2 choices. Will you aim 2 – 3 papas at the same time, or one by one and let each papa remove the most – depends on luck. We used first choice as while playing and trying to make no booster video – found somehow it was the best way. Also, noticed something you can count and know will you pass or not. You should have around 100 acorns removed when you have min 7 papa left – best would be 8 or 9 papas. So simple math – if you have less than 7 moves, not even close to 100 acorns – you will not pass it – save your nervous, just quit and start over. While talking to members of Papa Pear Saga Help Group at Facebook – think you all got to needing less than 10 acorns to finish this really crazy level. When I got to needing 3 more acorns and 2 moves left, you can see it in Papa Level 545 – no booster video at 2:04 – I aimed on the right edge of acorn – knowing it will go on the right side. I knew it will go in the section where third acorn was, beside right bamboo stick – just didn’t know will papa actually hit that acorn. Telling you this, so you can also try to aim carefully if you get in a situation like I did in the video. GOOD LUCK!

Papa Pear Saga – no booster video: 

NEW UPDATE June,2015. – task is to collect 120 acorns


Papa Pear Saga Level 545 – with boosters:

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8 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 545”

    • Debra

      I agree , bad level still not given getting close to 132 acorns, I have been at it for almost 2 months .. I think they need to Drop the Amount to maybe 100 .

  1. Rosén

    hmm… ger nog upp, det känns som om att klara denna bana det är som om man ska vinna 7 rätt på lotto

  2. Beth

    I think they better do something about this level before they loose us all

    • Hans Wurst

      Not even a challenge anymore. Removed 126 acorns and still had two paps left. Also scored three stars with about 870,000 points. It just took me three tries to pass.

      First shot must be to the right, passing under the cactus, collecting the six multipliers. Don’t waste another papa on the left, but start collecting acorns then!


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