Papa Pear Saga Level 546, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 10 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 11,000 points.

You’d think after passing 545 you might get an easier level. Nope. Make grande and fireball bonuses to beat this level.
Aim at the top left acorn to remove it and let your papa bounce. You need to remove as many acorns as you can to light the buckets easier along with removing the watermelons. Hopefully you’ll make a grande or fireballbonus with all the initial bouncing. You can try shooting two papas to start too but make sure the second papa hits a wall to start bouncing. Your first papa won’t hit the wall to start.
If you make any bonuses hit them as soon as you can. If there are watermelon still spitting seeds a Papa Grande might make another one of the two bonuses.
Something interesting I’ve noticed are the right edge watermelon is closer to the wall then the left edge one. That means the right watermelon can be removed if your papa can go down the side wall removing the acorns and breaking/lighting the bucket. The left acorns will be removed but just break/light the bucket, not removing the watermelon.
Once you get most of the acorns and hopefully a few watermelon removed you should have direct shots towards any lids/buckets you need.


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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 546”

    • Hans Wurst

      Good observation! Hitting the top right acorn will give a fire bonus almost every time. The top left never…
      Passed with 75,000 points on the first try!

  1. Pat

    It is completely useless to make fire papas or papa grandes. Because where will they go? Straight into the next OPEN bucket :-(((

    • Hans Wurst

      You’ll need fire papas because you won’t have enough papas to light all buckets. As soon as a papa goes into an already lit buckets, you’ve lost.


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