Papa Pear Saga Level 547, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 20 Papas to Remove 50 Onions; 60,000 points.

Start by popping the top vacuum plant. Aim at the onions at 10 and 2 o’clock weakening them and hopefully the to one up top before getting sucked into the plant. Hopefully you’ll remove surrounding onions before your papas get sucked into the other plants.
Be careful of papas stuck spinning on bamboo not getting sucked into a plant. They won’t get recalled to the shooter. If three are stuck you have to quit.
Pop the center plant removing any upper onions or removing yellow chilies. You need some of the papas to fall down weakening/removing onions.
Try a curved aiming line over the chilies to weaken onions and yellow chilies before getting sucked into and popping the end plants. A good hypnotized papa can remove a bunch of onions. When the plants pop you need the papas to go our the the edge lower bamboo gaps to weaken/remove the onions.
Once all the plants are popped start removing the upper onions hitting two at a time or 3 if in an “L shape”. If the “L” is backwards bounce off the wall to hit them. You can bounce your papa off the top of an onion to hit one above it too. Hopefully the papa will roll through the bamboo removing lower onions. Avoid any grande bonuses unless they are in your way of shooting. They aren’t much help up top and will get stuck on bamboo until they shrink possibly hitting some lower onions.
If you have groups of lower onions by the edge palm trees or in the center try these shots needing your papa to roll slowly. For edge onions you want your papa to roll slowly down the bamboo above the palm tree with a bounce off the wall shot or through the bamboo above it. Center onions need a straight shot on the right side between the two bamboo to either drop down or bounce off onions by the blue surfboard and to the left onions. Use a gentler shot on the opposite side to have your papa fall down hitting those onions.


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  1. Pat

    What a horrible level. You need to hit many of the onions below the bamboo, and there is no way to aim at them, so it is only random and luck, and there is no luck in this game πŸ™


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