Papa Pear Saga Level 550, video walkthrough by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins(the blogging witches)



Task: 17 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 35,000 points.Image result for papa-pear-saga-level-550/

These tips are going to be bad. Not an easy level to make needed fireball or grande bonuses.
Aim below the watermelon to have your papa hit the wall hoping it bounces up and to the other wall making a fireball bonus and remove or weaken lots of the top onions. The left watermelon is easier to time when to shoot since there is a gap in the seeds, unlike the steady seed shots from the right watermelon.


Removing as many of the upper onions is necessary to make direct shots toward the buckets. You may make a grande bonus of your papa bounces back and forth, especially bouncing off the seeds.
You’ll need to remove lots of the acorns/onions by the buckets for easier bucket lighting. A Fire Papa bouncing sideways will do that nicely and hopefully weaken a few lids and not just one. Having a Fire Papa burn the cactus can be helpful to bounce your papa from one wall to the other making another fireball bonus and not kill your papa.
Once you’ve removed lots of items you’ll need to remove the watermelons is they haven’t been trying to make your first fireball bonuses.
If all your buckets have easy direct shots just watch the timing of the mushrooms and cactus if it wasn’t removed with a Papa Grande. Any moving acorn/onion could cause your papa to bounce into an already lit bucket. I would suggest removing all the lids first then lighting them in case you get the odd bounce off an item.

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Image result for papa-pear-saga-level-550/

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29 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 550”

  1. Steven

    What the hell is wrong with you people? You got 5 buckets to open and only 17 lives. You need at least 20 to get all 5 open. Use to love this game not anymore. It is no fun to play when you know this is no way of getting off this level.

    • Pat

      I agree with you! I am not even going to try anymore. It is an impossible level. Probably keeping us all from passing this level because they havent updated more p.p.s lost it with King games. Do they not realise it is us playing that keeps them in business.

    • Jesse

      Absolutely right Steven. As Impisted before, I’m no math whiz but it takes 3-4 shots to open a bucket and another to light it up. 5 buckets times (min. of 4 shots) equals 20!!!! DUH!!!!! Even with a clean shot every time, it’s not possible!

    • Thistle

      You got it in one Stephen. I worked that out right away. No point playing this game unless you buy extras

    • Donna

      I was stuck on this level for 3 weeks but finally won with out paying for extra moves. You need to get a fire pin or papa grande to help open up the buckets. I was able to get a fire pin & it bounced across 3 of my buckets & open them. This level takes a lot of patience & some luck.

  2. Barb

    Level 550 is IMPOSSIBLE! Can’t you count? It takes 4 Papa Pears per bucket, which would be 20, and you only give us 17. We don’t have money to spare to buy extra lives. You’re ruining the fun of the game for everyone!!!!!!

  3. Annemarie

    Level 550 is absolutely impossible. 17 papas is not enough. Your starting to lose me. This was my favorite game, but I think I will have to quit it.

  4. sherry

    550 is really awful I can’t see any way to win this level !! Oh well came this far not about to quit now!!!!!!!!

  5. david

    ive been stuck on this level for 2 weeks i tried everything starting to think its impossible i might just give up. i like hard levels not ones u cant pass without buying extra papa’S loved this game all the way until now

  6. Elio

    I will stop now trying this level and that means that i conclude with Papa Pear … it is regrettable but i cannot do otherwise. this level is impossible …

  7. Carmen Gibb

    i can see I’m not the only one who can NOT get through this level!! Are you guys planning on adding at least 3 more papas to it. That would give us a fighting chance. I’ve been stuck on this level now for a month as of Aug 10, and only once did I get 4 lit buckets and all 5 opened. This has always been my favorite game but it is really getting boring now.

  8. Carmen Gibb


  9. Karon Fell

    After a couple of months trying I have finely completed this level without spending any money,so it can be done.

  10. Frances Swaddle

    Been on this level 550 for weeks its impossible thinking of giving up on the game

  11. Frances Swaddle

    Been on level 550 for weeks its impossible think I will give up on this game Arrrrrrr

  12. Kathy

    Level 550 is beatable. I just did it. It only took me 7 MONTHS of playing once a day. Got damned good at aiming after all this time. Finally got 2 fireballs that opened 4 buckets & killed the cactus. Plus a Papa Pear. Good luck everyone. Don’t give up & don’t pay a cent to win.

  13. Donna

    OH PLEASE PEOPLE! I’m 62 years old and I got through and I have never spent a penny on any of the games I play…is it hard H yes it is. But isn’t the challenge why play? To all you future players that want to give up I suggest you grow a pair and go back and read what has been written and watch the video!!

  14. Nina

    I’ve been stuck on this level for 3 months!! Ridiculous!! I can’t buy any extras and I totally loved this game until now. I hate it and I’m going to try one more day and then delete all my KING games!! Shame on you!!!

  15. Maggie

    I thought about giving up the game too, but looked at it as a challenge. I used my gold bars up on fireballs and said.. I’ll try just for the heck of it. Finally, with patience (and yes, lots of fireballs – which suddenly show up) I got it with on papa left mind you. It can be done but it isn’t worth getting upset with. Many more games out there. Besides unless you’re on an android, it stops at 550. Android 570… nothing to fret. Seriously.

  16. Liz

    Has anyone actually passed this level????
    It’s way way too hard, I’m stuck on it months!!!!
    I’m gonna have to give up…there’s no fun anymore, just pure frustration …..


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