Papa Pear Saga Level 551, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 15 Papas to Remove 29 Yellow Chilies; 70,000 points.

This is a fairly easy level as long as your papas don’t remove the lower cauliflower. You need to remove the top left cauliflower and try to keep the top right cauliflower blowing at its “pinkish” weaker strength.
The red chilies should be removed as you remove the left cauliflower. Your papas will be bouncing off bubbles or popping some removing yellow chilies and bouncing on the blueberries. Two great spots for papas to be are right at the end of the pea pod removing the chilies and popping bubbles. If the papas bounce around enough you’ll make grande bonuses.
Keeping the lower cauliflowers blowing will blow your papa up to the center to remove more chilies. Papa Grandes seem to be blown at with more force so hit any grande bonuses if you can. The two doublers help too in removing the chilies or making two Papa Grandes.
Try to keep the left side free of peas if you need to remove the chilies under the pea pod. A papa bounced high off the left wall should get your papa bounced in there to remove more chilies, especially if you hit the grande. Just watch out for the nut to alter your shot.


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  1. Alf Igel

    There is NO NEED to remove ANY cauliflower at all. Just make the upper two blowing stronger will already help enough to get the papas blown around and removing the chilies.
    I removed all 32 chilies, had eight papas left, and got three stars in my first game!


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