Papa Pear Saga Level 552, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 75,000 points.

This level is never the same design twice except that there will be at least one fruit in the center on the yellow chilies. Fruit and the open bucket change every time.
Aim as high as you can at a wall that has a fruit stuck on an acorn/onion by the bottom curved bamboo. You want the papa to bounce inside the acorn/onions and top bamboo and remove hopefully acorns freeing the fruit and weakening/removing some of the red chili.
For the fruit inside the acorn/onion area bounce off the wall a little lower so your papa makes a gap above the bamboo and yellow chilies so your next papa or this one will remove the yellow chilies and weaken/remove the blackberries and acorns/onions under the fruit. If your first papa shots to free the fruit on a carrot made a gap try gently shooting a papa through it. Each lid needs two papa hits to open so hope the spiked out cactus misses the bouncing papa removing the red chili and weakens a lid.
For the middle fruit you want to remove the blackberry to the left of the blueberry. The blackberries may be removed from stray bounces from earlier papa shots. Tightly curve your aiming line so it passes the left side of the blueberry and bounces off the onion. It may take a few shots but it will remove the center onions, yellow chilies, acorns/onions and carrot along with acorns/onions around a possible fruit at the bottom. You need the papa to roll around that bottom fruit removing the acorns/onions and carrot underneath it then weaken the lid. Earlier papas may have removed the yellow chilies and carrots by the buckets which will help greatly to drop the fruit.
If a fruit like the blueberry is stuck try bouncing off the wall to remove items holding it up. If a center fruit is stuck on a yellow chili or acorn/onion try bouncing a papa off the bamboo to remove the item. Do your best to remove all the items above the center bucket because there is no easy shot to move the fruit. A curved shot off the wall may bounce your papa into the pile of fruit but you’ll need to find the correct curve and have a clear path.


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