Papa Pear Saga Level 553, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 18 Papas to Remove 250 Peas; 25,000 points.

First remove as many acorns/onions as you roll your papa down the center pea pod. You need to make room for the slowly refilling pea pods to send out peas. You also want to shoot a papa on the acorn/onion side of the right pea pod too making room in that area.
Keep papas rolling down the center pod making and removing peas. If the bamboo allows you to aim a gentle shot toward the acorns/onions by the left pea pod shoot a papa. Having the left area clear of items will give lots of room for peas.
The right side pea pod is at such a steep angle your papa will roll right down it not making many peas. Peas will be sent out as you remove the items to its left.
Hitting peas starts slowly so don’t be discouraged. With lots of open space and a bouncing papa hitting peas and pods you want to make a grande bonus. Having a Papa Grande is a great way to make and remove peas and should make another grande bonus. Keep using Papa Grandes, especially if they are high on the board.
With good pea creation you can remove them from each wall side. If not aim for areas with lots of peas having your papa bounce on the pods making more peas to hit.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    With the center pea pod, you can never make and collect the required number of peas. It is very inefficient, and no more than around 150 peas could ever be collected.

    It is the right, inclined pea pod where you can make the peas, so shoot there, alternating on the right and left side of it!


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