Papa Pear Saga Level 554, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: 15 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 75,000 points.

You need to remove most all of the items to have easy shots at buckets. Unfortunately the center bucket doesn’t have a direct shot so you need a papa to bounce off an item or wall to light it. Making bonus grandes and fireballs is important because they will remove lots of items and weaken lids or light buckets.
Aim at a wall trying to get your papa bouncing across removing items and possibly make a grande or fireball bonus. There are no real spots to aim at guaranteeing a fireball bonus. You need the cauliflower to blow your papa to the other walls for one. Instead try to remove items.
Hitting the grande and fireballs should remove lots of items and the cactus. Depending how the powered up papas bounce you want to remove the watermelon and as many acorns/onions by the center bucket and the acorns/onions by the edge buckets.
Removing the cauliflower requires a curved aiming line unless you have a direct shot from removed acorns/onions. Curve the line aiming for the top of the box or close to the wall and shoot when the cauliflower is rotating down so your papa doesn’t get blown away. If the buckets under them aren’t lit you need to remove them for easier access to the buckets.
There is no direct shot for the center bucket so having lots of the acorns/onions removed is vital. Depending on how many papas you have left try bouncing them off a wall or item. Having that bucket without a lid or weakened one to start is very helpful.
Don’t directly shoot at any lids if you have tough lids to remove. Aiming for the tough lid might have your papa hit the easy one.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    Passed on the first try. The center bucket is easy, as there are not so much items in the way. But the outer buckets are very hard to reach, with all those items around the cauliflowers!


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