Papa Pear Saga Level 555, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



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Task: Use All Papas; 350,000 points.

I don’t really understand how the points get made besides hitting the multipliers that are there first and created ones.
Shoot your first papa to the right trying to hit that multiplier. A good bounce will have your papa roll around and remove carrots, maybe acorns, or bounce on blueberries before getting sucked into a vacuum plant. If you missed the multiplier try another shot but no more.
Next shooting area are the two carrots to the left of the papa shooter. Again, hope for a nice bouncing papa for carrot and possibly onion and acorn removal before into a plant. Now you have a chance to hit the left multiplier.
Aim at the left leaf tip below the left tree cannon where the separation line between carrot pieces is hidden by the leaf. Your papa should bounce onto the multiplier and hopefully not roll down getting killed by the cactus. Remove carrots and blackberries on the top and right side of the plant using a curved aiming line getting your papas sucked in. You want to keep as much carrot to the left of the plant so your papas are attracted to the lower moving plant and not getting killed by cactus. Removing all the blackberries will make a multiplier.
If the moving plant didn’t pop aim at the wall to bounce off it and also remove any blackberries and acorns before entering the plant. You want this plant to pop so you get some lower and upper acorn removal before the papas are sucked into the other plants and not killed by the cactus.
If the last two plants haven’t popped from all the moving plants papas having papas go from one to the other plant then pop the fattest plant hitting hopefully a close blackberry multiplier first. Popping this plant will pop the last one for a multiplier and hopefully bonus grandes and fireballs.
If all goes well you should have 5+ papas left, multipliers easy to hit, and grande and fireball bonuses. Hit any easy multiplies first then any easy unremoved blackberry or one or two acorns for their multipliers if possible. The grande bonuses are very important and need to be on the right side so your Papa Grande can bounce on the blueberries and get shot by the tree cannon back at the blueberries. Use Fire Papas to remove onions, acorns, blackberries, and carrots. You can try bouncing it into the tree cannon but its small size will probably miss he blueberries.
Without bonuses hit any multipliers bouncing your papa towards items or blueberries. Lastly you can bounce your papa on a blueberry hoping it hits others or curve your aiming line to bounce on the onions weakening/removing some.


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    • Petra

      Because King decided to make those levels available for mobile players first and the most active Papa Admins on the Blogging Witches network didn’t have the possibility to play at mobile.


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