Papa Pear Saga Level 557, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Click this and read HOWTO UPDATE to new Papa Pear Saga levels if they are not available on PC for you(above 555). 

TASK: Remove 200 peas and get at least 12,000 points


VIDEO FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 557, no boosters used:



This level was made easier, 170 peas with 18 papas, but play it the same as the video, which was harder.
Aim to the left just above the cloud so you bounce off the wall onto the moving pea pod.. Your papa will slowly make peas and roll on the curved pea pod making more peas. Yes the moving pea pod will move and your papa will get killed by the cactus but don’t worry. Keep shooting removing and making peas.
Having the lower cauliflower blowing full strength will keep your papa bouncing off the curved pea pod removing and making peas. Unfortunately you can’t directly shoot, and waste, a papa to start the cauliflower blowing. That happens as you bounce off the peas missing the cactus.
This is an obvious tip but if you make a fireball avoid it. if it’s near the left side where you are shooting either switch to the right side wall or keep shooting to the left until you hit the fireball removing lots of peas and burning some of the pea pods.
Keep shooting removing and making peas, on either pea filled side, and watch your total. When you’re close to 170, especially if you’re low on papas, curve you line for the maximum pea removal.


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