Papa Pear Saga Level 558, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


TASK:  Get at least 320,000 points.



VIDEO FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 558, no boosters used:



You want to remove the onions to get to the multipliers in the jars as quickly as you can. Try a slight curve in the line so your papa weakens and removes the onions. You an also try to shoot between the wall and onions but your papa may fall straight down past the jar.
As your removing onion the papa will bounce toward the center and get sucked into the vacuum plant. That’s okay since you want to have it pop for a multiplier. Hit that multiplier soon a it’s made. Hopefully you will have gotten one of the in jar multipliers before the vacuum plant pops because the 5 papas from the plant can remove lots of items and possibly make a grande or fireball.
Now shoot at the biggest bunches of onions off a wall to remove onions. You want the wall to bounce your papa back into the onions. If you don’t have a good wall shot try to hit 3 onions at once if they are making a corner to weaken the three. Keep removing as many onions as you can once you have your score. If you’ve removed most everything and have papas try to shoot directly into a lit bucket for 1000 points.

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