Papa Pear Saga Level 560, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


TASK: Light up buckets and get at least 15,000 points


Good luck on solving Papa Pear Saga Level 560 πŸ˜€ !


VIDEO FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 560, no boosters used:


Fairly easy level, especially since they have a random lid free bucket now. Shoot a few papas hoping they get sucked into the vacuum plant hitting the doublers to fatten it up quicker. Keep shooting into the warp and your papas will emerge over the tree cannons or the area above the top acorn.
It’s easier to aim over the yellow peppers having the tree cannons shoot the papa into the cauliflower bucket area or bounce off a mushroom breaking/lighting the bucket under the tree cannon. If you remove enough edge yellow peppers you might be able to time your shot to bounce off the wall past the mushrooms into the cauliflower area to sneak by the cauliflower or start it blowing. If you hit the tree your papa can also hit the side of the cauliflower to increase its blowing power or removing it which makes lighting the bucket easier.
If you do make grande power ups and have one over the cauliflower bucket try the warp to hit it. It will bounce a lot but eventually come down when it shrinks.
Take your time, see what needs lighting after the vacuum plant has popped, and use either the wall to pass the tree or use the tree to get to the cauliflower sections. If you need the center one lit because the vacuum plant didn’t drop enough papas or the cactus killed them start over. You’d need a blowing cauliflower to possibly push your papa to the center bucket which is hard.

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