Papa Pear Saga Level 561, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


TASK: Bring down the fruits and get at least 7,000 points



Good luck on solving Papa Pear Saga Level 561 😀 !


VIDEO FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 561, no boosters used:


The most important thing is to burn the top, if not all, cactus. If you can make a grande power up to remove the top burned cactus that will help greatly.
Start by making a fire papa by removing the acorns to access the fireball power up. Try to have it hit the warp spinner which will emerge it either above the one it went in or above the opposite one. This will be useful if you need to make a fireball power up.
Once you get a fire papa hope the watermelon seeds bounce it toward the top to burn the cactus, weaken/remove onions and watermelon. If the seeds really bounce your papa around you might make the grande. Eventually the fire papa will hit a lid. Go for the other fireball to see what damage you can do to your advantage.
If you have watermelon remaining remove it. Hit the yellow peppers blocking the top fruit and wait for the fruit to be at the lowest point and shoot at the wall pushing the fruit down. Apples and Lemons are the worst fruit to have roll as you probably know.
Start removing onions between the top burned cactus opening a gap so you can shoot a papa off the edge of the center blueberry. Your papa will bounce the fruit and slowly remove onions, cauliflower, acorns, and hit the bucket lid. This is where having the top cactus removed is really helpful so when you remove the top onions you have an easier shot to help drop the fruit. If the cactus are still there keep bouncing off the blueberry at different heights since the whole center moves up and down. I don’t know the best spot/height to get the papa into the onion square to drop the fruit so aim at different heights until you find success.

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