Papa Pear Saga Level 563, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


TASK: Light up buckets and get at least 30,000 points


Good luck on solving Papa Pear Saga Level 563 😀 !


VIDEO FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 563, no boosters used:


Good news, there are only cactus on the edge buckets and I think they need fewer hits to open and light. But it’s still a hard level with all the peas and blowing cauliflower.

Shoot one papa at a time aiming at the two blackberries just to the right of the gun. You need to break through the blackberries to get to the far right bucket once you remove the blackberries. If/when your papa hits a cauliflower starting it blowing you’ll make lots of peas and remove other blackberries. These gaps in the pea pods will have your papa moving from bucket to bucket area, eventually removing cauliflowers or opening/lighting buckets.

Now that the top two blackberries are removed aim so your papa bounces off the pea pod and enters the wooden lidded bucket. You need the cauliflower blowing so it bounces your papa into the right side blackberries and eventually through. You’ll need to bounce off a pea if you want to hit either fireball but doing so is tricky but very helpful at burning the cactus most importantly and the pea pods too.

As your papa now starts bouncing everywhere try removing the three blackberries on the left. It may take a few shots depending on what the cauliflower is blowing and the blueberries moving your papa everywhere. Once they are gone try shooting a papa while the cactus is at its highest so you have a chance of not getting killed by it and hitting the cauliflower or lid.

By now you have peas everywhere. maybe some grande power ups, blowing/removed cauliflower, and open/lit buckets. Aim at sections with unopened or unlit buckets. Getting to the right side bucket now can be hard with lots of peas so try slightly curving your aiming line to get an easier bounce to the bucket. Unfortunately the wall side buckets have blackberries which are removed by now and your papa might bounce through those gaps into a lit bucket next to it. You might make a pink bucket lighter power up if seven papas go in lit buckets so try to hit that. Otherwise it’s aim at your desired bucket and hope you don’t get bounced away from it.
Don’t get frustrated because playing now is somewhat easier than the video.

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Angela Marie I’m stuck on this level too. Good luck 563 sucks
Vicky Barkley
Vicky Barkley Follow the video that John sent. After watching it I got off of it. A few tries but I got it. It really helps. Goodluck

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