Papa Pear Saga Level 566, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


TASK: Light up buckets and get at least 20,000 points


Good luck on solving Papa Pear Saga Level 566 πŸ˜€ !


VIDEO FOR PAPA PEAR SAGA LEVEL 566, no boosters used:



Let’s spoil the surprise of what’s under the leaves to help you aim better. There’s spiked out cactus top left and right, under the center level of leaves, above the not too hidden cauliflowers above the buckets and the leaf above the center bucket. The bottom leaves by the edge buckets are blueberries, like the three in the centers of the pea pods. Top center leaf under gun is always a fire power up and there are mystery cans with power ups under the leaves with the blackberries above them.
You need to remove as many yellow peppers and acorns so you can get easier shots to open/light the buckets. The long lines of onions needs as much of each side removed too. Start with that.
You need something to bounce off of to hit the fireball so try edges of items near it. The firepapa should remove enough items to make a grande power up, hopefully burn the center pea pods and weaken/open buckets. Burning the bottom center cactus or the ones in the middle area is helping too.
Now time to curve your aiming lines to remove the yellow peppers, onions, and acorns You want to make room to aim by the pea pods to open/light the buckets. Yes peas may block the shot, especially the edge ones, so keep trying or try to shoot in other areas and your papa may bounce into the edge bucket.
Removing the blackberries and onions you’ll get to the mystery can power up. Use them to remove more items for clearer bucket lighting. You want the papas to bounce down removing items and hitting lids.
If you remove enough onions/acorns and yellow peppers you should have a straight shot at the red and wood bucket lids. Look for an item to bounce off of to open/light the center bucket.

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