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Papa Pear Saga Level 571, video demos and tips from Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Please scroll down further to view the completed gameplay for Papa Pear Saga Level 517.

Below is the very first gameplay I had in Papa Pear Saga this year. because higher levels than 555 are  I use a Bluestacks Android Emulator to play at a PC. You can download Android Bluestacks to play Papa Pear Saga Level 571 at your PC or  to Play Papa Pear Saga Level 571 at your Mac. I suggest you don’t try the Android emulator if you do not have a fairly fast computer and internet connection.

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King made this level easier by having fewer lids to open but it still plays the same as in video.
Start by aim at the gap between the two carrots on the right when the cactus is close. Because of the vacuum plant sucking your papa might swing in a circle and not go into the plant. Carefully try to remove items while getting papa sucked in until the plant is green. Don’t pop it.
Repeat the process on the left side and try to have your papa hit the left wall. Pop the plant having the papas remove items and hopefully getting one sucked into the right side plant. That might make helpful fireball power ups. If the right vacuum plant didn’t pop then pop it.
Look at the board to see what has been removed, any power ups, multipliers, and open/lit buckets. You need lots of the items removed and multipliers made. If you have a lot of papas hit a few multipliers because you might not get enough points before lighting the buckets.
If you made any power ups like a fireball or grande use them to burn and remove the bottom cactus. Burning or removing the top cactus is helpful so you don’t accidentally hit it when shooting.
Aiming for buckets depends on how many items you’ve removed. Try curving your aiming line for the end buckets. With a lot of items removed have your aiming line bounce your papa off the wall to hit the red and wood lids. Lighting the center bucket is the hardest since there is no direct shot or easy nut to bounce off of. One way, if you have a lot of papas left, is to aim to left pink trees. You can bounce off the handle bucket (red lid) edge. Have three dots on the tree and three on the building, one touching the line of the wall, to bounce off the bucket, bounce up to the bamboo, and into the bucket. It takes some careful aiming so adjust slightly if you want to keep trying. Hopefully it will be lit from earlier papas.

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