Papa Pear Saga Level 572 walkthrough AND tips

– available at Android/iPhone from July 2016

/ – available at PC at FB or a little ho it happens….. The devs seem to blame Adobe FLASH or Chrome or whatever ,

Video playback by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


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This game starts slowly as you make peas so don’t worry. Gently shoot a papa so it lands on the bubble making some peas before the bubble pops dropping the papa down to the lower blackberries and getting it killed. Next curve your aiming line to the right side of the jar with the multiplier. With a good curve you’ll break the jar, hit the multiplier, make peas, and drop onto the fireball. If you’re lucky the firepapa will burn the cactus which helps make more peas and hopefully not burn too many pea pods.
You can try breaking the doubler jar but it won’t break at the first shot. With two papas they’ll drop possibly on the fireball and hopefully burn that side cactus. With both middle cactus burned you will have something for your papa to bounce on making and removing peas.
Now it’s up to shooting your papas at areas with peas. A slight curve in your aiming line will help remove and make more peas.

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